Jehovahs witness interracial marriage

My nephew a JW who is white is dating another JW who is black with the intent to announce their engagement soon. I had been reading about the past history of the JW's opinion of the black race. Old writings that said they were Gods people too, but not intelligent as white etc and not qualified intellectually to go door to door to teach etc. That all people would be white in the new system.
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JW's and interracial marriage?

Watchtower Quotes Regarding Black Skin

They are simply presented to show what the Watchtower teaches regarding the topic. Despite the official end of slavery in America in , the 's were a time of significant prejudice and inequality against African Americans. It was during this time that religions such as the Watch Tower Society and Mormons were formed. This had an affect on some of the early views and teachings regarding black people and mixed races. For example, it was explained in a Watchtower that in the New System the skin of black people could turn white. Viewing the quotes chronologically reveals that in more recent decades the Watchtower promotes racial equality. The first black Governing Body member was appointed in , though in Samuel Herd was still the only black brother on the the Governing Body, and there been no Asian represenation.

Interracial Marriage

Here is a question I want to pose because I do not know the correct answer. I have seen many interracial married couples among Jehovah's Witnesses--moreso than I have seen in other religions. However, I have been told that once upon a time, interracial marriage was frowned upon by the WTS hierarchy.
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