How to tell if someone is secretly dating

When you're starting to crush on someone, the natural thing to wonder is if they like you back. After all, making a move will be a lot less scary if you already knew they were into you too. If you're wondering if your interest is reciprocated, experts say there are both obvious and subtle signs of a mutual attraction that you can look out for. Mimicking or mirroring the other person's behavior, initiating conversation, and wanting to be in close physical proximity were found to be the top signs to look for if you want to know if someone likes you. These signs were followed by nonverbal cues such as making eye contact as as much as possible, nodding while the other person is talking, as well as smiling and laughing. According to researchers, these behaviors not only indicate romantic interest, but they're also related to trust.
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Signs That a Man and Woman Are Having a Relationship

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7 signs someone is in love with you — even if it doesn't seem like it - Business Insider

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7 Ways To Tell If The Attraction Is Mutual, According To Experts

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Men and women engage on a daily basis in a variety of relationships, from teacher and student to husband and wife or just friends. Sometimes a stronger bond can form out of these relationships. Those involved in the blossoming relationship may decide to do so in secrecy. Keep your eyes peeled for signs that a man and woman are having a relationship beyond what meets the eye.
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